Are You Hunting For Happiness?

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Hunting for Happiness
Lately I've been hunting for happiness. What do I mean? I mean I've been looking
around for signs of happiness and joy.
Walking down the street - are there any happy people here? In most cities people are
arguing or preoccupied with worry or rushing about because they are late for something.
In Santa Fe, New Mexico I see lots of happy people. Why is that?
I checked out the television. Fear Factor shows people terrified at the ridiculous things
they are being asked to do. I hope they are getting paid alot. The news - well that was
pretty grim. No uplifting stories there. Hey look, here is a show where they are
demolishing a person's house and then rebuilding it completely new. Wow, those people
are really happy. Those people are jumping up and down, praising God, kissing people.
There is actually happiness here. Why is that?
I went to a park. Guess what I found? There are many happy people in the park. There
are smiles and laughter. Children laughing, running and playing. People going up to
someone walking a puppy and stopping to smile and pet him or her. The dog wags its
tale and tries to jump up and lick the person. There is lots of laughter from the person
and the dog's owner. Why is that?
Where has the happiness and joy gone in your life?
I couldn't find mine for longer than I'd like to admit. But it is definitely very present
now. How did I manage that?

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